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What does fertility treatment involve?

  1. Evaluation of the situation at doctor’s first visit.
  2. Thorough examination including ultrasound and blood tests.
  3. Selecting the most suitable treatment method and planning the treatment.
  4. Selected fertility treatment starts.

Evaluation of the situation and examinations

First you will meet one of our doctors at doctor’s firs visit. During this appointment the doctor interviews you and looks at your medical history and anamnesis thorouhly. An ultrasound scan will be done and blood examinations and other examinations (such as sperm analysis and assesment of the tubal patency) are prescribed to help to understand your situation better.

Selecting the right fertility treatment

After all the results are available the most efficient treatment method is chosen. Your fertility treatment plan will depend on the cause or causes behind your infertility: is the problem from the woman’s side, the man’s side, both sides, or does it remain unexplained. Our skilled fertility treatment professionals always have your best interest in mind. This means also admitting fairly when there is nothing more to be done and the chances of having a baby are very slim.

What involves in a fertility treatment?

This depends totally on the selected treatment method. For example in artificial insemination the best motile sperms are separated from the semen sample and placed in the woman’s uterine cavity using special catheter at the time of ovulation. IVF fertility treatment involves hormonal treatment that helps more than one follicle to grow and the eggs contained in them to become mature for fertilization. Eggs are collected from the follicles in the ovary and fertilized with the sperm in vitro.

Let us help you to have a baby.

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