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What are fertility treatments?

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If you and your parter have been trying to get pregnant with unprotected and regular sex for a year with no luck, you might benefit for our help and need fertility care.

In Ovumia clinics we have a wide range of different fertility treatments available for those experiencing infertility. Fertility treatments are an effective way to get pregnant: we can help more than 80 % of patients with our fertility treatment options! Over 14.000 children have been born to our patients. Let us help you too!

What are fertility treatments?

Fertility treatment is a procedure performed for a woman or for a couple to improve the likelihood of starting a pregnancy. Fertility treatment typically refers to medications that stimulate egg or sperm production, or procedures that involve the handling of eggs, sperm, or embryos.

A woman or couple is defined as infertile if the pregnancy has not begun after unprotected intercourse for a year. The definition is based on the fact that a healthy couple has a monthly chance of getting pregnant by about 20 percent, with a 12-month cumulative probability of becoming pregnant at 93 percent. In reality, the probability is slightly lower, at about 84 percent, because not all couples are optimally fertile. Infertility tests and treatments should be sought earlier if there is a known cause of infertility or if the woman is over 35 years old.

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What would be the best fertility treatment for you?

Our mission is to bring the joy of having a healthy child to as many people as possible. Let us help and contact our international patient coordinator to book an appointment with us.
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