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What does donor egg IVF cost?

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Fertility treatment with donated oocytes is always planned with consideration to individual patient needs. This will ensure that the treatment of the oocyte recipient is safe and provides a good pregnancy prognosis. The total donor egg IVF cost is determined by the actual procedures performed as well as the number of good embryos received.
For this reason it is difficult to determine the exact price for the donor egg IVF beforehand. However, below you can see a few indicative examples of the costs of the donor egg IVF at Ovumia clinics. Our experts are happy to tell you more about the factors that affect to the costs of the donor egg treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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What is the cost of donor egg IVF in Ovumia?

Example of total treatment costs:

Fertility treatment with donated eggs 9490 €
The price includes donated eggs, preparation of sperm sample, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo culture for 2-6 days, embryo transfer and embryo freezing and cryopreservation for 1 year. The price does not include treatment planning visit, psychological counselling, ultrasound examinations or medication.

If the treatment results one embryo to use, the price of the treatment is 6790 €.

For patients living abroad additional coordination fee of 590 € is added to the total cost. In case the customer promise (2 embryos) is exceeded by extra embryos we charge an extra cost of 300 €/ embryo. In case no embryos are received in an egg donation treatment, the price is fixed at 750 €.

Do you have some questions? Read more about donor egg IVF treatments in Ovumia here or contact our experts for more information!

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