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Donor egg treatment: experiences

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At Ovumia, we have carried out treatments with donor eggs for more than 25 years. Our customers are happy with the treatment we provide and often recommend our services to their friends who are in a similar situation. On this page, we share some of our customers’ experiences of our donor egg treatments at our clinics.

Why did you choose Ovumia?

  • A friend of mine recommended Ovumia.
  • A good, clear and informative website.
  • Quick access to donor egg treatment without a long waiting list.
  • We had a warm welcome after we first contacted the clinic.

Have you been satisfied with your treatment at Ovumia?

The recurring themes in the feedback we receive from our customers are:

  • Quick access to treatment.
  • A warm welcome and extremely friendly and professional staff.
  • Good flow of information throughout the process.
  • Appreciation and excellent treatment of egg donors.

Would you recommend Ovumia to your friends?

  • “Absolutely. We got what we wanted: the opportunity to become parents, and a beautiful little boy. Thank you!”
  • “Yes. Actually, I have already recommended your clinic to my friends who are in a similar situation.”
  • “I felt confident in your professional skills and felt safe throughout the process. This is why I will recommend you to my friends too.”
  • “Yes, I would recommend Ovumia to anyone in a similar situation. Skilled, professional and empathetic staff.”

Read more about donor egg treatments at our clinics here, or ask our specialists for more information:

Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4445
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Customer experiences

“We would gladly recommend your clinic to other couples because the treatment, guidance and support you gave us was first-class and communication with you was always easy, quick and warm.”

“You gave us excellent and friendly service and emotional support. It’s not easy to undergo treatment like this, but we felt that you also gave us emotional support throughout the treatment.”

“We asked about other clinics’ donor egg treatments too, but they would have put us on a waiting list. At Ovumia, we didn’t have to wait very long for an appointment for our first visit, and things moved along swiftly from there. A suitable egg donor was quickly found, and after a couple of months had passed from our first visit, an embryo transfer was performed. We are now waiting for the baby from that transfer to be born in just over a month. Thank you, Ovumia!”

“The treatment didn’t yet produce results during our first round, but we are very happy with the treatment and customer service you provided. We want to thank you especially for the warm and considerate way you treated us throughout the process.”

“We felt that you took our situation comprehensively into account and offered us alternative solutions according to what was best for us, instead of on a ‘business first’ basis. The end result is that we are now a family of three and have two more beautiful frozen embryos waiting to be used, which may one day become a little sister or brother for our daughter.”

“The staff were extremely friendly, helpful, efficient and reliable, and they responded to our messages very quickly. We felt that you really value egg donors and take good care of them. This is very important to us.”

“We are extremely happy with the service we received and the result of our treatment at Ovumia: we now have an adorable little girl. Thank you to the egg donor, thank you Ovumia!”

“I went to the Ovumia clinic and it was a lovely experience and all that I was looking to do was done to my satisfaction. The clinic is very nice and the staff, as well as the doctor, were very polite. I would recommend people to visit the institution because all that I trusted them to do they did it.”

“Thank you for a fantastic reception when we were at the clinic. We were both very happy and impressed by the warm and professional attitude everyone had towards us. We will spread this to others and recommend your clinic to our friends.”

“Thank you for the encouragement and hope. It certainly helps knowing that you all are truly, truly supportive of us. Not just as a business, but just real people caring about others. That’s also why we referred our two friends to come to you.”

“We are truly thankful for all your help and assistance which has resulted in our two beautiful boys. We will have no doubt recommending Ovumia to anyone who is in the same situation as ours.”