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Donor egg treatment: success rate

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Treatments using donor eggs have been carried out since the early 1990s. Today more and more women over 40 want to become mothers, but find that their own eggs are no longer good enough quality to result in a normal pregnancy. That is when treatment using donated eggs is an excellent alternative.

When eggs donated by young, healthy women are used in infertility treatments, the probability of pregnancy is excellent regardless of the reasons for the infertility of the woman receiving the donated eggs. In fact, transferring an embryo with donated eggs results in pregnancy more often than with conventional in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments. In addition, the probability of pregnancy is the same regardless of age group, unlike with IVF treatments using the woman’s own eggs.

At Ovumia clinics, the success rate of donor egg treatments is more than 50 % already in the first round of treatment. This refers to clinical pregnancies, i.e. pregnancies where a foetal heartbeat and gestational sac are confirmed by ultrasound scan. The cumulative success rate is even higher, when frozen embryo transfers that are performed later and the resulting pregnancies are included.

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