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Donor egg IVF success rates

Donor egg IVF treatments have been performed since the early 1990s. Today, more and more women over the age of 40 want to become mothers, but find themselves in the situation that their own eggs are not good enough to produce a normal pregnancy. In this case, donor egg IVF, i.e. treatment with donated eggs, is a very good option.

When the eggs of young and healthy women are used in fertility treatment, the probability of pregnancy is excellent regardless of the causes of infertility of the woman receiving the eggs. In fact, pregnancy outcomes from donated eggs per embryo transfer are better than those of conventional in vitro fertilization treatments. In addition, the probability of pregnancy is the same in different age groups as opposed to in vitro fertilization treatment with own eggs.

At Ovumia Fertinova’s clinics, the success rate of donor egg IVF is already over 50% in the first attempt. And by this we mean clinical pregnancies, where baby’s heart beat is detected. The success rate when counting the positive pregnancy tests is even over 60%. The cumulative success rate is even higher when later frozen embryo transfer treatments and subsequent pregnancies are included.

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