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Donor egg IVF

– non-anonymous egg donation treatment without a queue

Why choose us?

  • Over 25 years of experience in in vitro fertilization with donor eggs
  • No queuing! Smooth and fast process (Read more)
  • Both fresh and frozen donor eggs available
  • Donor egg treatments up to 46 in Helsinki and Tampere (Finland)
  • Donor egg treatments up to 50 in Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Non-anonymous donors (Read more)
  • Also anonymous donors available in Tallinn (
  • Excellent results! Donor egg ivf success rates over 60 % with a single try
  • Personal service: your own patient coordinator guiding you through the whole process
  • Satisfied customers (Read more)
  • PGT analysis possible also with donated eggs (Read more ›)
  • Affordable egg donor IVF, 5157 € – 9197 € (Pricelist ›)

Book an appointment or ask for more information on egg donation fertility treatments and treatments with donor embryos:

Päivi Virta

International patient coordinator
Päivi Virta
+358 400 627 507
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Donor egg IVF at Ovumia Fertinova

At Ovumia Fertinova we have a dedicated and high-quality egg donation (“non-anonymous donor”, “known donor”) program that is the longest running and most successful in Finland and in whole Scandinavia, with 50 % of couples achieving a livebirth from a single donation. We have an active egg donor program and both fresh and frozen donor gametes (the Finnish Egg Bank) are available. This makes the planning and timing of the treatment fast and convenient. Our fertility centers are situated in Helsinki, in Tampere and in Jyväskylä.

Currently our fertility clinic performs successfully over 75 % of all egg donation treatments in Finland, for both international and domestic customers.

Our subject matter experts

Kati Pentti

Kati Pentti
Medical Director in Tampere, M.D., Ph.D, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine   

Candido Tomás

Candido Tomás
Chief of Development, M.D., Ph.D, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine    

Jarna Moilanen

Jarna Moilanen
Medical Director in Helsinki, M.D., PhD, Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine    

Mari Sälevaara

Mari Sälevaara
M.D., Ph.D, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology     

Anna Kivijärvi

Anna Kivijärvi
Medical Director in Jyväskylä, M.D., Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology  

Sami Onoila

Sami Onoila
M.D., Specialist in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatology    

How does the egg donor process work?

IVF with donor eggs process step by step

  1. Contact our patient coordinator Päivi Virta. Päivi will help you book a Skype meeting or a first time visit with one of our doctors.
  2. Meet the doctor with Skype or face to face.
  3. Your personal patient coordinator will provide you with further instructions and guide you through the whole egg donation process.
  4. Our donor coordinator matches you with the best possible donor. You can wish for certain characteristics (height, eye, hair and skin colour).
  5. In frozen donor egg IVF process your endometrium is medically prepared for the embryo transfer (with fresh donor eggs your cycle is also synchronized with the donor). You can do this and the follow-up ultrasounds in your own country. We thaw the eggs and fertilize them with your husband’s fresh or frozen sperm or use donor sperm (in egg donor treatment with fresh eggs this needs to be done on donor’s egg retrieval day). After a few days we will do the embryo transfer (and freeze all other good quality embryos) or freeze all the embryos to be used later in the frozen embryo transfer.
  6. You can take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the embryo transfer. You have over 60 % chance to get pregnant with the first attempt!

Start the egg donation process today! Contact our international patient coordinator to make an appointment:

Päivi Virta

Päivi Virta
+358 400 627 507
fi sv en


Customer experiences from our donor egg IVF patients

“We are truly thankful for all your help and assistance which has resulted in our two beautiful boys. We will have no doubt recommending Ovumia Fertinova to anyone who is in the same situation as ours.”

“Thank you for the encouragement and hope. It certainly helps knowing that you all are truly, truly supportive of us. Not just as a business, but just real people caring about others. That’s also why we referred our two friends to come to you.”

“I went to the Ovumia Fertinova clinic and it was a lovely experience and all that I was looking to do was done to my satisfaction. The clinic is very nice and the staff, as well as the doctor, were very polite. I would recommend people to visit the institution because all that I trusted them to do they did it.”

“Thank you for a fantastic reception when we were at the clinic. We were both very happy and impressed by the warm and professional attitude everyone had towards us. We will spread this to others and recommend your clinic to our friends.”

Who donates eggs in Finland?

Our egg donors are:

  • Carefully chosen according to the legislation in Finland and the international standards of quality.
  • Healthy, young women (aged 20 to 35).
  • Screened for infectious diseases.
  • Finnish residents with Nordic-Scandinavian appearance (caucasian).
  • Altruistic and registered non anonymous egg donors.
  • Well cared for. Read donor experiences here.

Our donors are typical Finnish women who most often have a friend or a relative who has had difficulties in conceiving a child and been going through assisted reproduction methods. Our donors are altruistic and simply want to help because they can. Many of them have had their friends donating and recommending our clinic to them as well.

Egg donation process for the egg donor

All candidates undergo donor screening and blood tests are taken for infectious diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea). In a health check-up the candidates with low ovarian capacity or any known inheritable diseases in the family are ruled out. Donor candidates also have a discussion with a therapist. It is very important for us that the donor really understands all the aspects of the donation before making the decision to donate. We don’t want anyone to regret their donation afterwards.

All donors are registered within a national registry, so the child has a possibility to find out the identity of the donor after turning 18 years. Five families at the maximum may have children by the same donor.

We take really good care of our donors and this is why most of our donors do a second or even a third donation cycle.

The donors undergo an ovarian stimulation to produce a good number of eggs for the treatment. The aim is to provide enough eggs for a successful treatment but not to compromise the wellbeing of the donor (with for example ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome).

According to the Finnish legislation, we are allowed to pay donors a small reimbursement, but the main reason for the donation is altruistic.

Our donors genuinely want to help the intending parents to conceive a baby.


Egg donor - Fertility treaments with donated egg at Ovumia Fertility Clinic

Egg donor – Fertility treaments with donated egg at Ovumia Fertility Clinic


Donor experiences

I just donated for the first time! This feeling is so incredible it’s difficult to put into words. In the morning I was nervous about the egg retrieval, but when I came to the clinic, I started to feel calm. The procedure hurt a little, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. I’ll definitely donate again!

“Third donation done. I’m really grateful that I once started this. The staff has become like a safety net for me. I’ve always been treated so well here. Thank you for the amazing work you do!”

“I feel super excited after donating. I appreciate and admire your work and your way to encounter people. You are lovely!”

“Lovely staff and good medication made donating a really good experience. I’m so happy to be able to be involved in this important work you do!”

Shall we talk now?

You are only a few steps away from your dream to be a parent. If you still have some questions, doubts or concerns, please ask for a telephone consultation with our patient coordinator and discuss your possibilities with her.

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    Q: Should I use donor eggs?
    A: This is something you need to discuss with your doctor. You might benefit from egg donation treatment if you have a poor ovarian capacity (low AMH- or/and AFC-value) or if you are over 40 years old.

    Q: What is egg donor ivf?
    A: Egg donor ivf is a normal in vitro fertilization with using donor eggs. Donated eggs are fertilized with recipient’s partner’s sperm (or donor sperm) and the embryos are cultured untill 3-6 days before 1 embryo is transferred to recipient’s womb.

    Q: Who is an egg donor?
    A: An egg donor is a young woman between 20-35 years, who wants to help people to conceive a child and is willing to donate her own eggs to be given to unknown recipients. Finnish egg donors are altruistic, registered and non-anonymous. Read more about our donors here.

    Q: How do you get donor eggs for ivf? How to get egg donor?
    A: Contact our international patient coordinator Päivi Virta at She will provide you with all the information you need to proceed.

    Q: How to choose an egg donor?
    A: According to the Finnish legislation you are not allowed to choose the donor yourself. You do however get to wish for certain characteristics such as height, hair colour and eye colour. Our donor coordinator will match you with the best possible donor according to your wishes. You can then choose to accept or keep for looking more suitable donor for you.

    Q: Does your donor egg baby look like you? Does a baby conceived via donor eggs resemble birth mom?
    A: We understand that you as a future mom of the baby, wish the donor to have same kind of characteristics than you so that your future baby would resemble you as much as possible. Our donor coordinator will match you with the best possible donor match according to your external features (height, hair colour, eye colour). However, biology is erratic and at the end of the day, mother nature decides how your baby will look like. It may well be, that your baby looks just like his father…

    Q: Do donor eggs have mothers dna? Will a donor egg have my dna?
    A: No. The baby conceived by donor eggs will inherit half of his/hers dna from her father and half from the egg donor.

    Q: How does the egg donor process work? What is the process of ivf with egg donor?
    A: Please, read more from IVF with donor eggs process step by step here.

    Q: What is egg donor process?
    A: We choose our egg donors carefully and all the candidates go trough a strict selection process before we accept them as egg donors. The donors undergo an ovarian stimulation to produce a good number of eggs for the treatment. The aim is to provide enough eggs for a successful treatment but not to compromise the wellbeing of the donor. You can read more about our donors here.

    Q: How many donor egg cycles before success?
    A: Each treatment is unique, of course, but we do have excellent results in donor egg treatments. You have about 60 % chance to get pregnant already with the first attempt.

    Q: How much do donor eggs cost? How much are donor eggs? How much does it cost to get an egg
    A: The price depends on the number of eggs and wether you use fresh or frozen eggs.  See the price list for foreign patients here.

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