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Treatment success rates

The onset of pregnancy and its progression to birth are influenced by a very wide range of factors. Please feel free to contact Ovumia to find out about your own prognosis. In most cases, we can find a way to help you succeed.

Ovumia has excellent treatment results

The outcome of a treatment is a sum of many factors, of which the age of the woman is of major significance. In 2021 in Ovumia’s Finnish clinics, 45% of in vitro fertilization treatments with single embryo transfers performed for women under 40 years of age led to a positive pregnancy test and c. 30% led to childbirth. In comparison, our results are better than the national results of Finland (THL) and USA (SART).

The results of Ovumia’s donor egg treatments are excellent: from a fresh transfer of a single embryo, 73% of patients became pregnant and 52% had a child. Our results are better than the national results for Finland, and clearly better than the results of the USA and Great Britain. The national figures for Finland follow closely our results, as Ovumia carries out the majority of egg donation treatments in Finland.

Ovumia’s 2021 pregnancy and birth results



The 2021 birth rate of the corresponding reference material

27% THL, Finland
35% HFEA, UK


The 2021 birth rate of the corresponding reference material

49% THL, Finland
34% HFEA, UK

These are the results of one transfer of a single embryo. In case more than one embryo has been obtained from the treatment, frozen embryo transfers would follow, and the chances of pregnancy per egg collection or donor egg treatment are multiplied. Treatments can also be repeated.

Ovumia’s doctor can give you the best estimate of your likelihood to succeed and recommend which treatment would best suit your needs and lead to success.

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