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Selected advantages of choosing Ovumia Fertinova’s eggbank – the Finnish Egg Bank. Egg donation treatment. Social freezing. Proactive egg freezing.

Ovumia Fertinova coordinates the Finnish Egg Bank

Our team’s top priority is to provide You personalized customer services to help minimize stress throughout the process and help you achieve your goal to conceive and build a family. Since we are not only an infertility clinic but have also an experienced Egg Bank (the Finnish Egg Bank) you can count on your cycle to proceed efficiently; we will keep you in the loop all along the way!

Ovumia Fertinova’s systematic research and development produces excellent results in fertility treatments using frozen eggs. Thanks to the modern and innovative freezing techniques and a process based on a two-million-euros R&D investment project in our Tampere unit, the egg bank can be utilized in fertility treatments just like a sperm bank. Ovumia Fertinova is achieving the same high success rates in these treatments as with fresh egg donation treatments.

The egg bank is a significant help in treating involuntary female infertility. Over the last years, hundreds of treatments using donated eggs from the Egg Bank have been performed at Ovumia Fertinova, resulting in numerous successful pregnancies. Pregnancy rates with donated egg cells are over 55% from a single donation cycle.

“The years of experience that the Ovumia Fertinova team has on treatments using donated eggs, and Ovumia Fertinova’s significant investment in laboratory technology, enable us to achieve a good rate of positive results with the egg bank”, says the team leader of the Ovumia Fertinova egg bank, fertility doctor Kati Pentti. “A huge gratitude goes to the egg donors! Over the last year, we have deepened our expertise in egg bank treatments. We are very happy to be able to offer treatments even more quickly than before to our customers who have been waiting for donated eggs, while also securing great treatment results, thanks to the egg bank.”

The advantages of Ovumia Fertinova’s Egg Bank include:

  • The egg bank speeds up conception, as there is no need to queue for treatments.
  • A wide selection of donated eggs is available.
  • Active and open dialogue with our professionals to select the best treatment for You.
  • The use of egg bank leads to an easy process compared to the fresh donation.
  • The treatment is scheduled simply based on your menstrual cycle. There is no need to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the egg donor and the recipient.

Our egg donors are healthy young non-smoking women aged 20 to 35 with Nordic -Scandinavian – appearance (Caucasian). All donors are Finnish residents and donate their eggs voluntarily to help our recipient customers conceive. Main reason for the donation is altruistic. All donors will be registered within a national registry, so the child has a possibility to find out the identity of the donor after turning 18 years of age. Five families at the maximum may have children by the same donor. Many of our egg donors do come for a second or a third donation, but five times is not recommended.

The donors are chosen according to the legislation in Finland and the European and international standards of quality. All donors are screened for infectious diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea) and undergo a health check-up and a discussion with a therapist. Anyone with known inheritable diseases in the family will not be accepted. The donors undergo an ovarian stimulation to produce a good number of eggs for the treatment. The aim is to provide enough eggs for a successful treatment but not to compromise the wellbeing of the donor. According to the Finnish legislation, the eye, hair and skin color and height are recorded. Our donor coordinator will find you the best match.

Ovumia Fertinova’s excellent treatment results with the egg bank also make it possible to freeze and store a woman’s own gametes for future use – known as social egg freezing or proactive freezing. The preservation of fertility potential is a rising trend in the west, as the average age of first-time mothers keeps getting higher. Studies show that a woman’s fertility decreases sharply after the age of 35-40. Salvaging and freezing the woman’s own eggs while young for a future pregnancy is already popular, for example, in Sweden and the USA. Thanks to Ovumia Fertinova’s egg bank technology, this service is now available also to women in Finland.

We are the #1 egg and embryo donor clinic in Northern Europe. We have helped hundreds of people grow their families with our innovative technology, our warm relationships with our Recipients and Donors and individualized care. Let us help you.

Ask for more information on treatments with donated eggs or about proactive freezing at Ovumia Fertinova:

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