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Infertility is mentally very draining for many. It affects the person’s whole life and may make it more difficult to cope with work or hobbies, with the couple’s relationship and in other social relations. Infertility treatments create an added challenge that many find stressful.

Fertility treatments aim to start the pregnancy in the safest and most effortless way possible. High-quality treatment of infertility is, however, also more than just medicine, examinations and procedures. We take care of our customers as individuals with different hopes and needs.

Talking to our psychologist helps you to cope with a demanding stage of life. You get the opportunity to discuss your feelings about infertility. Meeting with the psychologist also helps if infertility is overshadowing your relationship. Often, just having an outside professional present helps communication between spouses and makes things more clear.

You can also discuss your lifestyle with the psychologist and find out how you can maintain your mental wellbeing as efficiently as possible. The psychologist may also help you learn how to relax and instruct you on different methods of stress control that help you manage in everyday life.

Our psychologists also offer services to people who are not customers of the infertility clinic. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help in matters related to relationships, family, family planning or sexuality.

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Psychotherapist, couple psychotherapist, family therapist, sexual counsellor