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Ovumia donor egg and sperm bank

We make new life possible by offering high quality treatments with donated eggs and sperm from Ovumia Egg and Sperm Bank.

Highest quality treatments with donated gametes

Our laboratory and medical professionals have been developing egg and sperm freezing and thawing methods since 2014. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and can offer high quality gametes with excellent pregnancy results.

In Finland, our egg and sperm bank offers gametes from registered Finnish donors. At Ovumia Tallinn, treatments are performed with gametes from anonymous donors, in accordance with Estonian law.

Who can receive treatment with donated gametes in Ovumia?

Treatments with donated gametes are available for male-female couples, female couples and single women, according to their needs.

Past medical history will be reviewed and current health checked in order to assess the safety of treatment and pregnancy. In Finland the female recipient must be under 47 years of age. In Estonia, at Ovumia Tallinn, treatment may be commenced for ladies under 51 years of age. In treatments performed in Estonia, all donors will remain anonymous, with no identity available for the children afterwards.

What are the requirements for a donor?

The donors are carefully chosen in accordance with Finnish legislation and the international quality standards. Our donors are healthy women aged 20-35 and men aged 20-45. Before acceptance, all donor candidates must undergo a detailed interview and health check, including the necessary blood tests, plus a psychological evaluation.

All of our donors enter the process wishing to help. According to the Finnish legislation, only a minimal fee plus modest expenses may be paid to the donors.

What does a non-anonymous, registered gamete donation mean?

In Finland, non-anonymous or known donation means that the name and the date of birth of the donor will be registered in the national registry. Any child born as a result of donation has legal right to know the identity of the donor at the age of 18, and he or she may contact the donor. Otherwise, the donor has no legal rights or responsibilities towards the recipient or the child, nor do the recipient or the child have any rights or responsibilities towards the donor.

Where do our donors come from?

In Finland, Ovumia has a wide range of gametes available from Finnish and European donors. All donors have been interviewed, tested and registered in accordance with Finnish legislation.

The gametes in Ovumia Oocyte and Sperm bank are mostly from donors of Finnish origin. In addition, gametes from Estonian and Ukrain donors may be available. The Ovumia clinics in Estonia and Ukrain follow exactly the same procedures of high standards as the Ovumia clinics in Finland, and the requirements for the donors are similar, in accordance with the Finnish law.

How to choose a donor?

According to the Finnish legislation, only certain donor characteristics such as eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, ethnicity and height may be revealed. Our donor coordinator will find you the best possible match, according to your characteristics and your wishes.

How long does it take to get a donor gamete treatment?

The length of the treatment preparation process will depend on your individual situation and your wishes regarding the donor characteristics. Usually, the treatment will commence within approximately 2-4 months.


How to contact us?

Please contact our international patient coordinator for more info about donor egg IVF treatment or to book an appointment:

Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4443