Ovumia is the only clinic in Finland using EmbryoScope®

EmbryoScope® is a new type of incubator with optimized culture conditions for embryos. It has a built-in camera and a microscope. At certain time intervals, a picture of the embryos is taken during the whole culture period. From these pictures a video is composed (time-lapse system). From this video you can see the whole early development of the embryo.

In a conventional culture, it is possible to get only a few snapshots of the embryo development. For this purpose, the embryos have to be removed from the incubator for a short while to be inspected under a microscope. This causes stress to the embryos.

EmbryoScope® ensures optimal conditions for the embryos throughout the incubation. It enables us to select the embryos which have the best potential for implantation. Studies have shown that continuous monitoring of embryos and their development improves pregnancy rates.

Thanks to the EmbryoScope® and other modern technologies, Ovumia is at the forefront of development, providing more improved techniques for helping couples fulfil their dreams of conception.