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Ovumia Group will expand to Sweden and open a new Ovumia clinic in Stockholm in the beginning of 2024

Ovumia Group has acquired a majority ownership in a Swedish clinic specialising in urology and
gynaecology, Urogyn Sverige AB, and entered a mutual strategic partnership.

“We are extremely happy to inform that Ovumia will be expanding its business to our western
neighbour, Sweden. For years we have had Swedish clients travelling to Finland for treatment and now
we are able to serve them even better by providing our cutting-edge services locally in Sweden”, says
Pekka Sillanaukee, docent, Chairman of Ovumia’s Board of Directors.

The new Ovumia Stockholm clinic will be built inside the existing premises of Urogyn – a clinic
currently specialising in gynaecology and urology and related day surgery.
“We will open Ovumia Stockholm within Urogyn as soon as the new IVF laboratory is ready. Operating
alongside a well-established specialised clinic serves Ovumia very well”, Sillanaukee continues.

With a population of nearly 11 million, Sweden has around 20 public and private infertility clinics with
altogether ca. 20 000 annual treatment cycles performed. Most of the service providers reside close to
Sweden’s major cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. In addition to private clinics, the
patients can seek infertility care from the public sector. Thanks to the solid know-how of the university
hospitals and the private sector, Sweden fosters established, high-quality expertise in fertility care
within both public and private sectors.

Close collaboration within the Ovumia clinics

After the expansion there will be seven Ovumia clinics working in close cooperation: in Helsinki,
Tampere, Jyväskylä and Kuopio, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; Lviv, Ukraine; and now also in Stockholm,
Sweden. The strategic partnership with Urogyn will enable Ovumia Group to export its own IVF
expertise to Sweden and, in turn, benefit from the cooperation with Urogyn’s top professionals in
gynaecology and urology.
“We are pleased to be able to add fertility treatments to in the service offering of our clinic, especially
in cooperation with a renowned IVF specialist such as Ovumia. The expansion of our services will
support our current business activities and enables us to serve our customers through various life stages.
Ovumia is known for its quality and expertise in IVF and is therefore a welcomed partner for us. We are
looking forward to our cooperation and the possibilities it might present”, says Ingvar Elmér, CEO of
“Opening a new clinic in Sweden in the beginning of 2024 is in line with our growth strategy and
supports the expansion of our business. We are aiming to become the best fertility clinic in Europe”, says
Pekka Sillanaukee.

For more information, please contact:
Pekka Sillanaukee, docent, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ovumia Oy, +358 40 833 1313
Ingvar Elmér, CEO, Urogyn Sverige AB, ingvar.elmer@urogyn.se, +46 70 724 25 70

Ovumia Group
Ovumia is a fast-growing European chain of clinics offering fertility treatments. We offer the most
advanced treatments at our clinics in four countries: Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Ukraine. We have
been performing fertility treatments since 1993 and have helped our customers have more than 16,000
babies internationally. Ovumia is the market leader in egg donation treatments in Finland, coordinates
the Finnish Egg Bank and acts as a centre of excellence for molecular reproductive biology and DNA
diagnostics. Ovumia is also a partner in the FutureLife chain, the second largest and fastest growing
provider of infertility treatments in Europe. The joy of parenthood belongs to everyone!
Read more: https://www.ovumia.fi/en/about-us/

Urogyn Sverige Ab/ Kommanditbolag
Urogyn is a well-established outpatient clinic located in Solna, Stockholm, with a focus on gynaecology,
urology, and day surgery. Since its establishment in 2004, the clinic has steadily grown and currently
employs a team of 45 professionals in gynaecology and urology. With 35,000 patient visits annually,
Urogyn provides a welcome contribution to meet the extensive healthcare needs within its areas of
Read more: https://urogyn.se/

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