Fertinova Tampere is now part of Ovumia

Finnish and international customers will now receive high-quality infertility treatments under one roof in south-central Finland, as the infertility treatment clinic Ovumia Oy is growing. Fertinova Tampere, which was formerly part of Suomen Terveystalo Oy, has been part of the infertility treatment clinic Ovumia since November 2015. Fertinova Tampere was also previously known as AVA clinic of Tampere, which was established in 1993. There were more than 26,000 fertility treatments carried out during more than 20 years.

For the current customers of Fertinova Tampere the change also means a transfer of their treatment to the premises of Ovumia. As the operations expand, the customers get faster and more comprehensive service in infertility investigations and treatments. For example, egg donation treatments can be implemented now without queueing and the latest industry techniques are quickly accessible.

Ovumia’s Chairman of the Board, Pekka Sillanaukee, explains the acquisition: “Strong investment in diverse expertise and in internationalization is part of our long-term strategy. We are constantly cooperating with leading research and therapy units and in addition we have a great deal of experience in serving foreign clients.”

Johanna Aaltonen, MD, the doctor responsible for the clinical activities of Ovumia, says: “We continue to focus our expertise on customer service, patient care and efficiency management.”

According to Strategic Development Manager and Reproductive Technology Doctor Candido Tomás, MD, “Good treatment results can be further improved by following the development of the embryos by the time-lapse method transferred from Fertinova and with the EmbryoScope device, which is unique in Finland. They allow us to monitor the development of embryos more closely, and the embryos are allowed to develop in peace under stringent and controlled conditions without transfers”.