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Freezing eggs, semen, gamete tissue and embryos

Fertility may be reduced due to many reasons. Ovumia Fertinova helps you to retain your fertility proactively: we store your gamete (eggs and sperm), gamete tissue (ovarian tissue or testicular tissue), or embryos in liquid nitrogen for later use.

The storing of gamete before starting cancer treatment is the most common reason for proactive fertility measures. Today, with the improved prognoses for many types of cancer, maintaining a person’s fertility by storing their own gamete is considered an essential factor for their quality of life.

Freezing eggs, ovarian tissue and embryos

The average age of women who are pregnant for the first time is rising continually, which can also be seen in more frequent age-related fertility treatments and the growing need for donated eggs. Proactive gamete freezing allows your gamete to be frozen at a young age, thus securing your possibility of having children with your own gamete later when your situation in life is better suited for it.

Freezing semen and testicular tissue

If a man’s semen has no sperm, there may be some in his testicular tissue. A testicular biopsy is taken under a local anaesthetic. You will be given sick leave for the day of the procedure. Sperm will be retrieved from the sample and transferred to mature eggs using intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The treatment results are similar to those achieved with sperm retrieved from semen.

At Ovumia Fertinova, we are developing new methods of storing small quantities of sperm, such as sperm from a testicular biopsy, to ensure your fertility.