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First appointment in Ovumia

You can make an appointment to see an infertility doctor when you’re worried about fertility and it’s time to seek help. If pregnancy has not started after 6 months of trying or there is some other reasons that you need fertility treatments, we recommend you to make an appointment for an initial consultation. At Ovumia, you will be served by experienced professionals and have access to the latest methods of fertility treatments.

First visit

You are welcome to meet our doctor on a doctor’s first visit if you are a heterosexual couple, a female couple or a single woman and you are planning on having a baby on your own. If you live abroad, first visit can be also remotely via Teams.
You can also book a first time visit if you have already had treatments elsewhere. 

How should you prepare for the first visit?

Before your first visit, we hope that you will complete the medical history forms in good time. This way our fertility doctor can get to know your situation before the first meeting.

What happens on the first visit?

At the first visit, a doctor specialising in fertility treatments and research will meet with the woman or a couple for an in-depth interview. If you are in the relationship and are planning to have a baby together, we would like both parties to come together for the first visit.

During the interview, possible factors affecting infertility and fertility in the couple’s or woman’s health and lifestyle are carefully discussed. The woman will usually have a gynaecological examination and an ultrasound scan.

At the first visit, an individualised infertility treatment plan will also be drawn up and the necessary tests will be planned, while we will also provide some initial information on the different types of infertility treatments available. At the first visit, we will provide information about our clinic practices and you will also meet our nurse.

Ultimately, it is always up to our clients to decide what kind of treatment they are ready for and the timeframe. 80-85% of our clients are helped by our current infertility treatment methods.

Welcome to Ovumia!

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Living abroad?

Please contact our international patient coordinator, she will book appointent for you:


Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4443
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