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Fertility treatments for single women

At Ovumia Fertinova, we welcome single women to our fertility treatments.

Together we will plan a suitable treatment during your first doctor’s appointment. No referral or previous medical examinations are necessary, simply call us to make an appointment.

The most common treatment option available is insemination, which involves injecting the sperm into your womb. Other alternatives include, for example, in vitro fertilisation (IVF). We will discuss your options in more detail when you come to meet us.

Before donor gamete treatments, our customers meet with our psychologist to discuss some details, such as the legal, ethical and psychological considerations of using donor sperm.

Ovumia Fertinova has its own sperm bank offering Finnish sperm to our customers.

Ask more about our treatments for single women:

Päivi Virta

International patient coordinator
Päivi Virta
+358 400 627 507