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Fertility treatments for single women

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Would I start fertility treatments alone?

You are very welcome to start your own fertility treatment process as a single woman with us at Ovumia. No referral or previous medical examinations are necessary, simply call us to make an appointment. When you come to fertility treatment alone, you naturally need donated gametes in your treatment. Before the planned treatment is done, you will meet our psychologist to discuss all the ethical, psychological and legal matters of using donated gametes. If you live abroad, you can also have this councelling in your own country. In this case we will provide you with the topics that need to be discussed at the session.

The best possible treatment for you is chosen at the doctor’s first appointment. The most common treatment option to begin with is artificial insemination. In intrauterine insemination the best, mobile sperm separated from the donor’s semen sample are introduced into the woman’s uterine cavity by a thin catheter at the time of ovulation and the fertilization takes place in the woman’s body.

Sometimes the right treatment option can be in vitro fertilization, i.e IVF. In IVF treatment, eggs collected from the woman and sperm separated from the donor’s semen are placed in a common culture dish and fertilization takes place there. One of the embryos obtained is transferred to the uterus and the others are frozen to be used later in frozen embryo transfers.

Whatever the form of the treatment is, donated sperm is used in the treatment. Ovumia has its own sperm bank for registered donors, where sperm from Finnish donors is available. Our sperm donors are healthy Finnish men, aged 20-45, who want to help the childless to have a child. We can also order sperm of registered sperm donors from the European Sperm Bank, if you wish. You can read more about the donor selection and the fertility treatments with the donated sperm from here.

Sometimes the only treatment option may be so called full donation, which means that both donated sperm and donated eggs are used in the treatment. The full donation treatment can be done with either fresh eggs or frozen eggs from our egg bank. Our egg donors are healthy Finnish women, aged 20-35, who have a sincere desire to help the childless. You can read more about donor egg IVF and egg donor selection from here.

Assisted reproduction for single women step by step

  • Book a first time visit with one of our doctors via our online booking or if you live abroad, via our patient coordinator (nina.pohjanaho@ovumia.fi).
  • Doctor’s appointment face to face or via Skype: ultrasound examination and possibly blood examinations are ordered. The treatment plan is done.
  • Consultation with the psychologist.
  • Selection of the sperm donor (and the possible egg donor).
  • Starting the treatment according to the plan.
  • Insemination/ovum pick up and embryo transfer.
  • Pregnancy test 2 weeks after the insemination/embryo transfer.

Do you live abroad?

Please contact our international patient coordinator to book an appointment for a doctor’s first time visit or to ask for more information:

Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4443
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Why Ovumia?

  • No waiting time.
  • Over 25 years of experience in fertility treatments for single women.
  • Fertility treatments with donated sperm and donated eggs (if needed), full donation.
  • High quality laboratories and excellent results.
  • Own sperm and egg bank with registered sperm donors and egg donors.
  • Possibility to order sperm of registered donors from the European Sperm Bank.
  • Fertility treatments for single women up to the age of 46.

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