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Fertility treatments for female couples

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We at Ovumia have a long tradition of fertility treatments for female couples. Appropriate treatment is planned at the first visit to the doctor’s office. No referral or previous examinations are required, just an appointment is enough. Warmly welcome!

Fertility treatment options for female couples

Depending on your situation, treatment may be intrauterine insemination (IUI, also known as artificial insemination), in vitro fertilization (IVF treatment) or donor egg IVF with donated sperm (i.e full donation). Embryo adoption is also possible. You can read more about treatments with donated sperm here.

When you come to fertility treatment as a same sex couple, you naturally need donated gametes in your treatment. Before the planned treatment is done, you will meet our psychologist to discuss the legal, psychological and ethical aspects of using donated gametes in a fertility treatment. If you live abroad, you can meet a psychologist and have this councelling in your own country. In this case we will provide you with the topics that need to be discussed at the session.

In artificial insemination donor sperm is injected to the uterus of the woman that is being treated, so the fertilization happens in the natural environment. Because of its affordability and ease, insemination is the most common form of treatment to begin with. However, IUI is not always possible and in vitro fertilization may be a better option. You can read more about intrauterine insemination here.

IVF treatment is more expensive than IUI, but the treatment results are correspondingly better. In IVF the partner being treated has her ovaries stimulated with hormonal injections, the eggs are collected and the mature eggs are being fertilized with the donor sperm. One embryo is transferred to the uterus of the partner who is being treated and the possible other embryos are frozen to be used later in frozen embryo transfers. You can read more about IVF treatment here.

In full donation, both donated sperm and donated eggs are used. The partner who is being treated gets her endometrium prepared for the embryo transfer. The donated gametes are fertilized with either IVF or ICSI. One embryo is transferred to the uterus of the partner being treated and the possible other embryos are frozen to be used later.

We in Ovumia have been doing donor egg IVF treatments for over 25 years. We have our own egg bank, The Finnish Egg Bank, with frozen eggs from registered Finnish donors. Optionally the full donation treatment can also be carried out with fresh donor eggs. You can read more about egg donation treatment here.

Assisted reproduction for lesbian couples step by step

  • Book a first time visit with one of our doctor’s via our online booking or if you live abroad, via our patient coordinator.
  • Doctor’s appointment face to face or via Teams: ultrasound examination and possibly blood examinations are ordered. The treatment plan is done.
  • Consultation with the psychologist.
  • Selection of the sperm donor (and the possible egg donor).
  • Starting the treatment according to the plan.
  • Insemination/ovum pick up and embryo transfer.
  • Pregnancy test 2 weeks after the insemination/embryo transfer.

Do you live abroad?

Please contact our international patient coordinator to book an appointment for a doctor’s first time visit or to ask for more information:

Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4443
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Why Ovumia?

  • No queuing.
  • Over 25 years of experience in fertility treatments for female couples.
  • Fertility treatments with donated sperm and donated eggs (if needed), full donation.
  • High quality laboratories and excellent results.
  • Own sperm and egg bank with registered sperm donors and egg donors.
  • Possibility to order sperm of registered donors from the European Sperm Bank.
  • Fertility treatments for lesbian couples up to the age of 46.

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