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Sperm donation: remuneration

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When we hold events to tell people about gamete donation, we have noticed that a lot of people think donors, or at least sperm donors, are paid nothing in Finland. This is not true. In Finland, fertility treatments, and consequently also the remuneration paid to donors, are determined by the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, which states the following:

”No remuneration may be given or promised for the donation of gametes. However, the donor may be paid a reasonable sum in compensation of expenses, loss of income and other inconvenience arising from the donation as provided for in greater detail in the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.”
(the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, the Ministry of Justice’s unofficial translation)

In other words, the Act states that we can pay a sperm donor compensation for the costs resulting from the donation, but not an actual remuneration. This is the legislator’s way of ensuring that no one in Finland will donate their gametes in exchange for money, but instead will be motivated by a sincere desire to help someone who is unable to have children naturally.

How much is the compensation for sperm donation at Ovumia?

A sperm donor’s compensation consists of kilometre allowance and daily allowance. A sperm donor is paid a kilometre allowance and KELA’s daily allowance for each time he visits the clinic. The amount of the kilometre and daily allowances varies slightly every year.

For example in 2020, the travelling allowance was 46 cents per kilometre and KELA’s daily allowance was 34,50€ per day. The child increment to the daily allowance is 5,41€ for the first child, 7,95€ for the second and 10,25€ per day for the third and subsequent children. One sperm donation will require about 10 to 12 visits to the clinic.

Based on this, we can calculate that, for example, a childless man who lives 10 kilometres away from our clinic and visits us 12 times to donate sperm will receive about €520 in compensation. Correspondingly a man who has two children and lives 20 kilometres away from our clinic will receive about €730 in compensation for twelve visits.

KELA’s daily allowance is taxable income and tax will be taken from it according to the individual tax rate reported by the donor. If the donor lives further than 100 kilometres away, he will be compensated for his travel expenses according to the cost of travel by the least expensive means of transport regardless of which he uses.

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