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Egg donation: experiences

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Ovumia clinics have a long tradition of carrying out donor egg treatments. We have been performing these specific treatments for more than 20 years. A donated egg is always a precious gift for the recipient; it is an opportunity for new life.

For many recipients, a donated egg is their only chance of becoming a mother. That’s why this is a remarkable act, and we see every egg donor as a great hero who deserves only the best!

Because we want to take good care of our donors, we appoint every egg donor their own personal midwife who takes care of the donor’s well-being and supports them throughout the process. The clinic feels like a safe place to come when your own, familiar nurse and midwife are there to greet you and make sure that everything goes well. We know we take good care of our donors because we get positive feedback from them all the time. Many of them want to come back and donate their eggs again and almost all of them recommend egg donation at one of our clinics to their friends too. It’s no surprise then that the majority of our new egg donors say they heard about us from a friend. This means a lot to us.

Read more about donating eggs and fill in a medical history form, or ask one of our midwives for more information on egg donation:

Hanna Haapanen

Ovumia Helsinki
Hanna Haapanen
050 412 7297

Ninni Wäre

Ovumia Tampere
Ninni Wäre
045 604 8474

Hanna Paju

Ovumia Jyväskylä
Hanna Paju
040 647 5946

What kinds of experiences do our donors have of egg donation?

We use small notebooks at our clinics to allow egg donors (and other customers too) to write about their experiences, if they want. These notebooks are in frequent use, and the feedback people write in them gives us an excellent idea of the experiences our donors have of donating eggs at our clinics. The following experiences stand out in the feedback due to their frequency:

  • The experience of safe and excellent treatment.
  • Friendly, professional staff.
  • A warm, relaxed atmosphere at the clinic.
  • Excellent pain relief during the procedure.
  • Many donors say they were needlessly nervous of the procedure beforehand.

Customer experiences

“I feel super excited after donating. I appreciate and admire your work and your way to encounter people. You are lovely!”

“Lovely staff and good medication made donating a really good experience. I’m so happy to be able to be involved in this important work you do!”

“Third donation done. I’m really grateful that I once started this. The staff has become like a safety net for me. I’ve always been treated so well here. Thank you for the amazing work you do!”

“I just donated for the first time! This feeling is so incredible it’s difficult to put into words. In the morning I was nervous about the egg retrieval, but when I came to the clinic, I started to feel calm. The procedure hurt a little, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. I’ll definitely donate again!”

Would you like to help someone who is unable to conceive naturally?

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