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Egg donation – give the gift of life

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We are always looking for new egg donors, because hundreds of fertility treatments are carried out in Finland every year using donated eggs. Give the gift of life and make someone’s long-held dream come true. We offer all the support you need as a donor, as well as our expertise and care as a trailblazer in our field.

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Can I donate eggs?

If you are a healthy, 20–35-year-old woman and there are no hereditary conditions in your immediate family – yes, you can. Egg donation is a great way to help someone you don’t know by giving them the possibility of having their own child. We will start by carefully charting your health together, and checking for any obstacles there might be to becoming a donor.

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How we proceed with an egg donation:


First meeting

Before you are approved as a donor, you will meet with a nurse, have a physical examination and an ultrasound scan through the vagina carried out by a doctor, and a consultation with a psychologist. Blood tests will be taken to rule out infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV.


Appointment with a doctor

After the results of the blood tests and physical examination have confirmed that you are a suitable donor, you will meet with a doctor and together you will create an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your menstrual cycle. After that, you can sign the treatment agreement.


Maturation of eggs

The donor’s eggs are matured using the same hormone treatment that is used in IVF, i.e. in vitro fertilisation, by injecting the hormone every day over a period of 10 days. Giving yourself the injections is easy, and we will teach you so that you feel confident doing it. During the maturation period, you will need to visit our clinic twice for an ultrasound scan.


Egg collection

We collect the mature eggs from the ovaries at the clinic by performing a follicular puncture under local anaesthetic.


Follow-up check

About a month after the collection, we will carry out a follow-up check to make sure that everything is as it should be, and you can ask us any questions you may have.

Would you be a good donor?

Fill in the medical history form and we will contact you!

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All the consultations, examinations and meetings with the doctor are free. Our clinics are comfortable and feel like home, and we assign a midwife to each donor to support them from the beginning of the process to the end.

The donor will receive all the test results and information about the health of their reproductive organs gained during the process. We also make sure that, throughout the process, the donor is given accurate and easy-to-understand information about the different stages of the process and what will happen next. It is important to us that the donor is confident in her decision and feels safe.

The donated eggs are frozen in Ovumia Fertinova’s Finnish Egg Bank or used straight away to provide treatment for the recipient. Usually, a suitable recipient who is grateful for your donation is found within 2–4 months of freezing the eggs.

Are there any side effects or risks involved in the treatment?

For the majority of women, maturing and collecting their eggs goes very smoothly. Only a fraction of women experience side effects from the hormone treatment. During the retrieval of the eggs, the donor is given intravenous medication, which minimises the pain and relaxes them. The collection of eggs involves a slight possibility of complications. These are discussed thoroughly before the donation when you meet the doctor to make a treatment plan.

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What kind of remuneration will I get for donating eggs?

According to the Finnish Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, a donor can be paid a reasonable sum in compensation for expenses arising from the donation (daily allowance and, if applicable, kilometre allowance), as well as €250 compensation for temporary discomfort. The most important reason for donating eggs, however, is the desire to help someone, and the best reward is new life.

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Who are the eggs donated to?

The majority of our donation treatments are performed for Finnish, Nordic or other European couples who are unable to have a child naturally. They need donated eggs because they do not have eggs of their own or their eggs are of poor quality, which is why they have not succeeded in getting pregnant despite numerous attempts.

There are more than 700 treatments performed in Finland every year using donated eggs, but there are more couples who need the treatment than there are donated eggs. The results from treatments carried out using donated eggs are good. After just one treatment, 55–60% of the recipients become pregnant. In total, more than 80% of the couples who have received a donated egg have the baby they have longed for.

Wait a minute – does this make me a parent?

According to the currently valid Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, every gamete donor is entered in a register maintained by a public authority, so that a child who may have been born from a donated gamete can, when they turn 18 years of age, obtain information about the donor’s identity from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. However, a person who has donated gametes does not have any rights or obligations as regards the child.

The identity of the donor will not be revealed to the couple who receive their gametes. They will only be told about the donor’s outward appearance, such as height, the colour of their hair and eyes, and their ethnic background. The same donor’s gametes can be used for providing children to no more than five different families. Each donation event is assessed separately. You can withdraw from the donation process without explanation at any time before the embryo transfer.

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Ovumia is a forerunner in its field. Every year, we perform the majority of treatments using donor eggs in Finland, and the well-being of our donors is paramount to us.

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Customer experiences

“I feel super excited after donating. I appreciate and admire your work and your way to encounter people. You are lovely!”

“Lovely staff and good medication made donating a really good experience. I’m so happy to be able to be involved in this important work you do!”

“Third donation done. I’m really grateful that I once started this. The staff has become like a safety net for me. I’ve always been treated so well here. Thank you for the amazing work you do!”

“I just donated for the first time! This feeling is so incredible it’s difficult to put into words. In the morning I was nervous about the egg retrieval, but when I came to the clinic, I started to feel calm. The procedure hurt a little, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. I’ll definitely donate again!”