A donated egg turned Susanna and Hans from Sweden into parents: “Thank you, Finland, for this… no. Saying ‘thank you’ is not enough. We simply don’t have the words.”


Susanna was 36 years old when she met Hans, 31. The couple fell in love and began to dream about starting a family. Susanna got pregnant – several times. Time after time, their wish for a child of their own was crushed, as one pregnancy after another ended in miscarriage. The couple realised that they…

From a pioneer in bovine embryo diagnostics to an expert in human embryos


Almost 30 years ago, Ovumia Fertinova’s R&D Director and PGT specialist Peter Bredbacka invented a method for the sex determination of bovine embryos using a simple test. He now uses the expertise he has garnered over the years to help people suffering from infertility and those at risk of having a baby with a serious…

Please forgive me my errors


I have my errors, I can’t deny it. Sometimes these errors make it difficult to get pregnant or can cause serious genetic disorders. PGT-A and PGT-M are modern methods of embryo diagnostics used to detect and avoid genetic errors. I’m sure you know something about me, or at least have heard about me. You probably…

Are you considering undergoing donor egg treatment in Finland?


More and more people from abroad are undergoing donor egg –based infertility treatments in Finland. At Ovumia Fertinova, you can start the process at your earliest convenience. Patient coordinator, mid-wife Päivi Virta is there to assist you every step of the way. With 26 years of experience in the international field, no question is too…

In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, donor gamete treatments are affordable and quickly available

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Sister company to the Finnish Ovumia Fertinova, fertility clinic Nova Vita offers high-quality donor sperm, donor egg and embryo donation treatments also for foreign customers. Extensive information on the donors is available if the gametes are ordered from gamete banks that hold a cooperation agreement with Nova Vita. The Nova Vita clinic in Tallinn has…

Total fertility rate declining – Fertility Check-up may prevent involuntary infertility

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Fertility Check-up is particularly well suited to those who are dreaming about having children now or in the future and for those who are not yet sure whether they want children. It is great to be alive in a time with clearly improved wellbeing and opportunities to build the life you want. Women, as well…

Overweight and fertility – why do we need to talk about weight

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“Why do we always have to talk about this?” This is a question that many patients ask when an infertility doctor brings up overweight and the need to lose weight at the surgery. It is an understandable and human reaction. Someone invades a patient’s privacy while the debate about the health risks associated with being…

The outline of my story with donor egg treatment

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Our infertility story began back in 2006 when we started trying for a baby. A year later in March 2007 my husband and I made an appointment at the Ava-klinikka, now known as Ovumia Fertinova. This is our shared story, but I’m writing this from my own point of view.

Donating eggs is very important

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This year, Helsinki-based Camilla (name changed) decided to become an egg donor. Camilla sees egg donation as a good, rewarding act that in some ways is comparable to being a blood donor: only a slight inconvenience for the donor, but a huge source of joy and perhaps a new life for many families.

Egg donor: The birth of my own child helped me decide

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Tampere-based Nea has donated eggs five times. The first time was soon after the birth of her firstborn child. Holding her own baby, Nea realised that she could help people suffering from infertility in a significant way. This is what Nea says about her experience.

Choosing a sperm donor for fertility treatments


“I am a student, a teacher, an engineer, an artist, a musician. I am social, sensitive, intelligent, friendly and outgoing. I have a good sense of humour and a lot of courage. All my grandparents have a university degree. As I child I wanted to be an astronaut. Here you can see my photo as…

Egg freezing to lengthen the fertile lifespan (social freezing)

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Preserving fertility in order to postpone the forming of a family (social freezing), is a feasible option for the modern woman. If eggs are collected from the ovaries and frozen, preferably before the age of 35 years, the threatening yearly diminishment of fertility can be avoided and the chances of having a child with the…

On the safety of fertility treatments


I have been fortunate to have been able to follow the development and trends within the field of infertility since 1990. I started out as a medical student doing my final studies, and later continued as a physician. In the beginning of the 90’s the coverage of infertility clinics was poor, and couples had to…

I want to offer everyone the chance to experience childbirth


The birth of my daughter was a life-changing moment for me. I became a mother, which led me to study gynaecology and specialise in obstetrics. Women’s bodies undergo a fascinating transformation on the way to motherhood. I wanted to be part of it through my work.

Frequently asked questions and answers


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about fertility tests or treatments, or if you are wondering about something concerning them. We will be happy to talk it over with you! Many of our customers are interested in the same issues. That is why we have collected some frequently asked questions…

Modern fertility treatments (IVF, ICSI, FET) are effective

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Infertility is increasing rapidly all over the western world. In Finland, for example, 27 % of 35-year-old women and 40 % of men are childless (Statistics Finland). Many of them would like to have children, and more and more people actively seek help from fertility clinics. In vitro fertilisation and new methods developed from it…

Roadshow to Fertility Clinics in Sweden


Ovumia and Nova Vita personnel had a great road trip to Sweden in September, 2016. We met several clinics and exchanged our experiences about the modern infertility treatments.

A new life from deep freeze to parents’ loving arms – Pregnancies via frozen embryo transfers (FET) and egg freezing

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With modern fertility treatments life begins with deep-freezing, as embryos can now be safely frozen and stored for future use. This means that the same family can have children who were conceived on the same day but born in different years. Technological progress has also made it possible to freeze and store eggs. This gives…

Finnish egg bank produces excellent pregnancy results

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Ovumia’s systematic four years of research and development is producing excellent results in fertility treatments using frozen eggs. Thanks to the new freezing technique known as vitrification, the egg bank can be utilised in fertility treatments just like a sperm bank. Ovumia is achieving the same high success rates in these treatments as with fresh…

Hoping for a child?

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Having children is a natural part of life. It can seem unbelievable that almost one out of every five couples has trouble having children. Unfortunately it is true, and there are tens of thousands of couples in Finland who are finding it difficult to conceive. Fertility problems seem to be steadily increasing in society. Due…