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There are many kinds of families and ways of getting pregnant – the child is always wanted

At the beginning of the year, we learned that the decline in birth rate levelled out and actually started rising by one per cent in the Helsinki University Hospital’s area. Here at Ovumia, we had already anticipated this last autumn. That’s because the demand for fertility treatments and prenatal services has been very high despite the pandemic – or perhaps because of it.

Many families have had happy news. This work is extremely rewarding for the staff at Ovumia too. The best feedback for us is women getting pregnant and getting thank you cards.

We love receiving baby pictures! I can’t wait to be able to see babies in person again as soon as the situation allows.

The successes stay with you the longest. Sometimes a customer gets pregnant during the first treatment round, even though you didn’t dare to expect it. Perhaps the funniest incident was finding out during the first infertility examination that “wow, the patient is already pregnant”.

A certain kind of continuity is also pleasing. I get to know the patients and to follow their progress throughout the treatment process and even after it if they come back to try for another child.

A tolerant atmosphere

A special bonus is the fact that we perform a lot of donor egg treatments, while they have only just been started in public healthcare. This makes the work even more diverse and interesting. Ovumia is a forerunner in donor egg treatments.

Reproductive medicine is a dynamic and ever-evolving field that is growing fast in Finland and globally. New breakthroughs happen all the time. Although 20 years is a short time, the methods have advanced significantly in that time.

I feel that we have an open and tolerant atmosphere at the clinic. I hope our patients feel our staff members’ genuine attitude and care for them.

We welcome all kinds of customers. We treat heterosexual couples, independent women, female same-sex couples and parenting partnerships. There are many ways to become a parent, and I think everyone deserves to. Different kinds of families are a huge strength, and every one of them wants a child just as much as the last.

This wide spectrum brings even more meaning to our work and is very positive and gratifying. I’m a positive and approachable person myself and I hope it helps my patients.

I find happiness in small everyday moments, at the summer cottage, walking my dog, doing yoga or spending time with my family. An audiobook, some good food – there should always be room in life for things that bring you pleasure.

A rewarding profession

I’ve known I wanted to be a doctor since upper secondary school. I was interested in human biology and started studying it at the University of Helsinki. I was most interested in developmental biology, which is what we specialise in at Ovumia.

When I applied to the faculty of medicine in Turku, gynaecological diseases were a strong specialisation option for me. Already at the start of my studies, I felt I’d like to perform fertility treatments.

During my studies, however, my number one option was surgery, although I decided against specialising in it even after working in surgery for a while.

Throughout this time, it was obvious to me that out of gynaecological diseases, fertility treatments were the most fascinating area to me. Conception, helping a new life begin and pregnancy, with medicine and theory in the background, is truly fascinating. This is a happy and very positive sector compared to many other fields of medicine.


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