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Päivi Virta

Are you considering undergoing donor egg treatment in Finland?


More and more people from abroad are undergoing donor egg –based infertility treatments in Finland. At Ovumia Fertinova, you can start the process at your earliest convenience. Patient coordinator, mid-wife Päivi Virta is there to assist you every step of the way. With 26 years of experience in the international field, no question is too…

In Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, donor gamete treatments are affordable and quickly available

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Sister company to the Finnish Ovumia Fertinova, fertility clinic Nova Vita offers high-quality donor sperm, donor egg and embryo donation treatments also for foreign customers. Extensive information on the donors is available if the gametes are ordered from gamete banks that hold a cooperation agreement with Nova Vita. The Nova Vita clinic in Tallinn has…

The outline of my story with donor egg treatment

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Our infertility story began back in 2006 when we started trying for a baby. A year later in March 2007 my husband and I made an appointment at the Ava-klinikka, now known as Ovumia Fertinova. This is our shared story, but I’m writing this from my own point of view.

Donating eggs is very important

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This year, Helsinki-based Camilla (name changed) decided to become an egg donor. Camilla sees egg donation as a good, rewarding act that in some ways is comparable to being a blood donor: only a slight inconvenience for the donor, but a huge source of joy and perhaps a new life for many families.

Egg donor: The birth of my own child helped me decide

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Tampere-based Nea has donated eggs five times. The first time was soon after the birth of her firstborn child. Holding her own baby, Nea realised that she could help people suffering from infertility in a significant way. This is what Nea says about her experience.



Leading Nordic fertility clinic chain Ovumia Fertinova hires two extremely seasoned fertility treatment professionals. Dr Jarna Moilanen M.D, PhD, and Dr. Mari Sälevaara M.D start receiving patient in Ovumia Fertinova Helsinki clinic starting from November. Dr Moilanen and Dr Sälevaara stress that proper patient care is based on listening, information providing and solid teamwork. With…

Frequently asked questions and answers


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about fertility tests or treatments, or if you are wondering about something concerning them. We will be happy to talk it over with you! Many of our customers are interested in the same issues. That is why we have collected some frequently asked questions…