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We love babies and science

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Ovumia is the leading chain of clinics offering fertility treatments in Northern Europe. We offer the most advanced treatments at our clinics in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Kuopio and Tallinn. We are trailblazers in pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, embryo testing and treatment with donor eggs.

We have been performing fertility treatments since 1993 and have helped our customers have more than 14,000 babies. Ovumia’s mission is: the joy of parenthood belongs to everyone. Every year, some four thousand treatments are carried out in our clinics’ laboratories.

Ovumia performs more than 70% of all the treatments carried out in Finland using donated eggs, coordinates the Finnish Egg Bank and acts as a centre of excellence for molecular reproductive biology and DNA diagnostics.

As a woman ages, the ability of her eggs to divide becomes weaker, potentially resulting in errors in chromosomes and chromosome arrangement, which may prevent pregnancy or cause hereditary conditions. These errors can be screened for using advanced pre-implantation genetic screening (PGT-A, niPGT-A, PGT-M, PGT-SR).

Selecting the best embryos significantly increases your chances of success, which is why we work constantly to improve the quality of our treatments by engaging in continued research and development.

The Ovumia group employs almost 70 top professionals in the field. They perform specialist medical services and top-quality laboratory work.

Ovumia is also a partner in the FutureLife chain, which is the second largest provider of assisted reproduction services in Europe. This chain performs 29,000 fertility treatments annually. Ovumia’s vision is to become the best fertility treatment clinic in Europe.

  • 2007/01 Ovumia is established
  • 2007/01 Tampere University Hospital’s fertility treatments transferred to Ovumia
  • 2011/1 Ovumia begins international activities at its clinic
  • 2013/04 Extensive fertility study in collaboration with Business Finland
  • 2015/06 Ovumia expands to Estonia (Nova Vita)
  • 2015/08 The Finnish Egg Bank opens in Tampere
  • 2015/11 Ovumia acquires Fertinova (AVA) clinic in Tampere
  • 2016/09 Clinical application of preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) starts
  • 2017/08 Ovumia acquires the Fertinova clinics in Jyväskylä and Helsinki
  • 2019/10 Ovumia becomes a partner in the FutureLife chain
  • 2022/06 Ovumia acquires the InOva clinic in Kuopio